Thursday, 6 April 2017

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Julius Malema's wife 'Julius Malema didn't only lose weight,his 4-5 lost weight as well

Julius Malema's wife 'Mantwa Matlala' - Julius Malema didn't only lose weight but the $ex stamina weakened too

Julius Malema's wife seeks help for juju" 

Julies Malema appears extremely happy on pictures and you'd swear all is perfect.

They have a perfect family and that will have you believing that he is beyond blessed and more.

A source very close to Julius's wife says that she's been complaining about his 4-5 for a while now.

At first she was extremely excited about his weight loss until she realised that he's also losing his mojo in bed too.

She says his 4-5 feels like it has also lost weigh too but he's too proud to seek help for he is a public figure.

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