Thursday, 6 April 2017

Mahlatse Ramatseba

President Jacob Zuma agree to Step Down on friday under one condition

President Jacob Zuma agree to Step Down on Friday under 1 condition

President Zuma To Step Down Next Week, Faces 783 Corruption Charges, Winnie To Be Next President.

The ANC extended national working committee to discuss President Jacob Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle was still under way at Luthuli House late last night.
ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa told the media camping outside that the meeting was still in session.
The meeting was attended by the ANC top six officials, including Zuma and ANC provincial chairmen and secretaries from all provinces. Asked about the discussions in the meeting, Kodwa said: “The discussions are for the people attending the meeting.”
However, Kodwa said Cosatu’s call for Zuma to step down formed part of the discussions. He remained confident that the governing party would come out of the meeting united.
“The ANC will walk out of the meeting a stronger organisation,” he said.

Jacob Zuma is considering offering to step down next weel, at least 2 years before his term as South African president ends, under a deal with opponents in his ruling party, two senior party sources said.
Part of the deal was to fire former finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and replace him with a more Zuma-pro senior official such as Malusi Gigaba who previously was minister of home affairs.
Zuma was due to be replaced as leader of the African National Congress (ANC) at a party conference in December after serving his allocated two terms. Zuma’s offer would allow him a dignified exit, as there remains a possibility that he could be removed by the ANC before next year. Who becomes the next leader of the ANC is key for Zuma, given that he could yet face corruption charges, analysts say.
Mr Zuma, who is facing the reinstatement of 783 corruption charges linked to arms deal nearly two decades ago, had violated his oath of office by refusing to abide by an order to pay back some of the millions of dollars in public money spent on upgrading his rural home in Nkandla.
Meanwhile, the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa CHAPTER 6 states how and when the President can be ‘fired’ from office.
87: Removal from office of President or Executive Deputy President


The President or an Executive Deputy President shall cease to hold office on a resolution adopted at a joint sitting of the National Assembly and the Senate by a majority of at least two-thirds of the total number of members of the Houses and impeaching the President or such Executive Deputy President on the ground of a serious violation of this Constitution or the other laws of the Republic, or of misconduct or inability rendering him or her unfit to exercise and perform his or her powers and functions in accordance with section 81 or 84 (4), as the case may be.
93: Votes of no confidence
(2) If Parliament passes a vote of no confidence in the President, but not in the other members of the Cabinet, the President shall resign.
Meanwhile, there are rumours that as soon as Zuma steps down (or else he gets fired the same way Thabo Mbeki got fired), Zuma’s closest female friend in the ANC, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, will become acting president either until fresh elections this year or until Zuma’s office comes to an end.

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