Friday, 18 August 2017

Mahlatse Ramatseba

BREAKING : Dumi Masilela’s Widow Simphiwe Ngema Moves On,Finds New Love

BREAKING : Dumi Masilela’s Widow Simphiwe Ngema Moves On,Finds New Love

Simphiwe Ngema,the widow of the late actor Dumi Masilela who passed away last week after an attempted hijacking,is under fire after she was spotted in the middle of the city ki_ssing,hugging and car_essing McDonald Ndou (KK on Muvhango) in full public view,according to the latest report.
According to an eye-witness who commented on condition of anonymity,Simphiwe Ngema is already secretly dating McDonald Ndou,an allegation she flatly denied when asked.
”I saw her kissing with McDonald Ndou,hugs and all sorts of things lovers can do but that was disturbing looking at the fact that her husband passed away only a fortnight ago,that was really disgusting,I think it’s because of stress,she wants a shoulder to lean on but I guess its too early and her decision is ill-informed and silly”,fumed an elderly eye-witness,who claimed Simphiwe Ngema ‘grew up in his eyes’
”After what I saw I was really disturbed and I went on to ask her whats really going on between her and McDonald Ndou and all she told me was that he was her ‘friend’ and their friendship dated back long ago.
”Simphiwe I actually see her as my daughter but she has let me down,what I saw with my two eyes and how she replied me when I confronted her leaves a lot to be desired”,said the witness.
Simphiwe Ngema still maintains that there is nothing serious between McDonald Ndou and her,and further urged South Africans to ‘mind their own businesses’ instead of ‘poking their nose’ into her life.
”Do I eat at your house ?Walking with someone does that mean they are in love ?What is a hug ?What does it mean to you ?Having said that,a kiss still mean nothing to me,it depends on how you were brought up and where you grow up,leave me alone please”,fumed Simphiwe Ngema.
Efforts to talk to McDonald Ndou were fruitless as his mobile phone rang unanswered.


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